Dip into raising funds for your cause!

For information about our Fundraising Program or to get started raising funds for your school or organization, please contact us at or contact Pete Benson at (773) 960-3339 And, remember that we do fundraisers everywhere and for any organization!

We would like to welcome the following new Fundraisers:

  • Midwest Trampoline & Tumbling Team (Coupon Code: MIDWEST)
  • Lowell Dolphins Swim Club (Coupon Code: LOWELLDOLPHINS)
  • St.Kieran School (Coupon Code: STKIERAN)
  • Lee’s Summit Cheerleading Team (Coupon Code: LSHSCHEER)
  • Morocco Projects (Coupon Code: PROJECTS)
  • Timothy Ball Elementary School (Coupon Code: TIMOTHYBALL)
  • Oak Hill Elementary School (Coupon Code: OAKHILL)
  • Breast Cancer Walk (Coupon Code: HOOSIERHOPE)
  • Denise Horn Fundraiser (Coupon Code: HYPER)